Custom Stands


A true revolution in music production. Custom-built, rock solid and ready to shine anywhere you play, for anything you do. Personally built by Wesley Foster


Let the Revolution Begin

Starship One

This is it. 

Starship One is what you need to shine up there on the stage.

Real chrome tubing catches the stage lights as they dance to the rhythm you create with your fingertips. People walk into the room and instantly their eyes are drawn to your setup. Everyone‘s talking about it, but you know the real secret. 

It doesn‘t just look good, it plays even better. 

No matter the beat, no matter the pace, Starship One has your boards right where they should be. 

For you. 

Your jealous friends sneak in to try it, but it wasn’t built for them. It’s never gonna feel just right for them, because it was custom made to fit you. 

Up on the stage, or back in your studio, you’re the center of the action. 

What does Custom Mean to you?

It's all about you.

How tall are you?

How long are your arms?

What kind of instruments do you play?

Okay, so you aren't looking to play six boards at once? I can work with that.

You just want a place to put a couple of laptops or tablets? I can do that too.

How about a podium?

Custom means - Without Limits