What is Legion's Fall?

Go ahead, whisper the words 'Legion Virus' if you dare.

It's been a long time since anyone could live on Earth, and humanity is slowly developing amongst the stars. Ambitious plans landed a large group of people on an inhospitable planet almost one hundred and fifty years ago, while another ambitious plan just might pay off near Titan.

The Resurgence promises to unite the scattered groups of humanity on Mars and the Lunar Colonies into what could be the beginning of a real effort to thrive.

No one can point to the beginning of the end of our home, except to say that a computer virus was to blame. In 2097, as a war against an invisible foe began to explode, the remaining nations at the time signed what became known as The Malchovist Accord. Computers were outlawed, technology was feared, and people were granted legal means to execute anyone they thought was using either one.

I first began the series as a short story in 2013 after I published Gunther's Daughter. I never published the short story I wrote because it wasn't ready, and life got in the way of it's completion. Then one day I started writing the life of Travis Harding, and found that short story was the foundation for the entire series.

This series is a Sci-Fi Space Opera that challenges the notion of what can and cannot be done while exploring the consequences of misinformation. It has been said that 'Necessity is the Mother of Invention', and the human race of 2437 is an example of what we can accomplish when survival is the only thing that matters.


Legion’s Fall Books


Angel in a Box

Book One of the Legion’s Fall Series:

Computers are evil.

At least, that’s what everyone around Travis Harding seems to think. Why can’t they see what he sees? Technology holds so much promise, but all they ever want from him was to go dig in the lunar caves for rocks. So when his chance of a lifetime comes to go somewhere besides the grey landscape of Lunar Delta, he jumps at it.

Then a new friend shows him this weird box, and everything changes.

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Angel’s Resurgence

Book Two of the Legon’s Fall Series 

In production now.