1511 Europe

Who is Gunther's Daughter?

In the wake of the worst day of her life, the daughter of an English Earl dedicates herself to searching for the one man who can end the nightmare. It's 1511, King Henry VIII is on the throne, and she is alone with a servant on an adventure in a time when a lady has no business being seen without a proper escort. She is being chased by a man that hates her for the heritage she was born with, and no one believes the story of a woman who is galavanting across the countryside with her male servant.

Then she met a thief on the road...

Gabriel's Journey

This is not the story of a starry-eyed woman who falls in love. It's an adventure that flies in the face of the contemporaries of the time. She must fight off thieves, pirates, and the men who only see her as a wandering target. All of this, while trying so hard to honor her father's training that runs so deep in her veins.

How she succeeds is the story of Gunther's Daughter.

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