About Me


Who I Am

Husband, father, writer, and electrician are just a few of the hats I wear.
There’s this beautiful red head who’s stuck by me for over 25 years now, and I’m just as enamored with her as I was when we started dating. Actually, I think I might actually love her more now just because I can add so much appreciation and experience too.


Join My Journey

When I was growing up, the only reviews we knew of were friends, family, and on the evening news. Now, how often does the number of good reviews influence our purchasing decision?

I invite you to leave me a review, good or bad. Either in the Contact Me section here, or on the website you purchased the book from. I really want to know what you thought of the book you read!


Why I Write

What reason do you have to get out of bed? For many, it’s a dream, perhaps a goal, but for most I fear, it’s “I gotta go to work.”

I get up because I never know what God has in store for me each day. Some days are struggles or a challenge to be sure. Other days are really great.

I write because I enjoy it. These books are written to be enjoyed, and they’re definitely not what someone else told me to write. I write the story that I can’t put down, and I hope to portray it to the reader just as interesting as I find it. I don’t want to fill it with things my children shouldn’t read, but focus more on a plot that draws you in.